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What is UP with the Manson family and their compound?

They are extremely creepy, but it's interesting that their creepiness stems from being all bad-touch and smirky and, "Come play with us, Dean." It would be a lot less off-putting if they didn't exude the vibe of trying to lure Dean into a cult. They clearly resent him not jumping in the Scooby minivan, and can't understand why he'd be suspicious of this group of unknown hunters -- which is weird, because all the other hunters we've met are inherently suspicious of other people and seem to expect the same. Like when Bobby had Ellen take a shot of holy water in S2, it was pretty much taken for granted that naturally he would be that paranoid. She was like, "is this really necessary?", but not "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME, ROBERT SINGER." So why are these people so butthurt over Dean's skepticism? (Also, wait, Sam seriously told them about Alistair and how Dean was trained in Hell torture? That's so... what? Why?? The apocalypse is off the table, so there's not even the excuse of explaining how the first seal broke. Why would you share that kind of confidence on someone else's behalf with mutual newly discovered family members?)

It seems important to me that Creeper Cousin #2 (Mark?) died when neither Sam or Dean was around to see it, and nobody mentioned it afterward. I was really expecting to see him reanimated at the end there -- obviously some bad undead mojo is going on, and I wouldn't be surprised if that tied into it. Although, I did notice on rewatch that Dean is 100% incorrect about Sam using the kid as bait. It's very clear that Sam didn't get to the motel room until well after the shifter said that thing about "our father" -- there are multiple shots of the doorway and a lot of scuffling before Sam appears and shoots it. I'm not sure what it means that Dean is getting all paranoid about Sam's moral ambiguity and it's not being made totally clear to us that it's just paranoia. That kind of verges on Dean being an unreliable narrator.

IDK, the only plus side I can see to the Campbells is that I would TOTALLY buy any kind of weird incestuous fic about them. They seem down for anything! They could smirkingly, creepily be approving of Sam and Dean keeping it in the family. Or if Gwen gets some non-Elvira characterization, they could all take turns having smirky, creepy sex with her. I have no idea, but it would be pretty believable.

As for the actual case of the episode... I don't even know. I mean. Sera Gamble's parents are out of town, they left the liquor cabinet unlocked, and she is GOING WILD. BABIES! SAM AND DEAN AS WACKY UNLIKELY DADS! I realize she didn't write it, but she apparently signed off on it, and it's so... clearly part of her enormous boner for domesticity. Is Kripke even giving these scripts the vaguest once-over? Is no one steering this thing? The only upside to this badfic come to life is that it means a bodyswap episode might be on the table. (Jesus, Supernatural, give me a bodyswap episode. You are one of the few canons that could actually go there.) But seriously, why was Sam's first thought upon rescuing a baby, "CALL DEAN!"? And why was Dean like, "A baby? I'm so there!"? I mean, Sam expresses genuine shock that Dean is good with kids, so what was the purpose of that?

All that aside, I'm surprised by how amazingly rational and normal Lisa is, and that Dean/Lisa is being handled this way. I would definitely like to see more of whatever the hell their good times are, since at this point they seem more like good chums than lovers, but it's incredibly refreshing to see a female character on this show behave like a sane, stable adult (and last more than one episode). I like that she was able to lay down the law without seeming dramatic or bitchy or smug. She's just like, "Yup, I'm the chick who used to hang around biker bars; I know how to roll with the punches, but I'm not going to put up with a season of you crying on the roadside about your problems, buddy. Shape up or ship out." NICELY PLAYED, LISA. NICELY. PLAYED.

I think this all sounds crabbier than I mean it to, but I actually enjoyed the episode! I just have a healthy amount of WTF about certain things.
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