Polly Plummer (nutkin) wrote,
Polly Plummer

FIC: Wild is the Wind (2/2)

Part one.

The sun was up when Jared woke, dappling the wilderness beyond the mouth of the cave with warm yellow light.

Jensen was still sleeping next to him, curled on his side with his back to Jared's chest. The fire had burned down to ash, but at some point in the night Jensen had pulled a pelt over them, and Jared's skin was warm where it pressed against Jensen's beneath it.

Jensen stirred lightly when Jared shifted up on his elbow, but he seemed to drift back to sleep when Jared merely studied him.

He really was handsome; there was no other word for it. The frenzy that had gripped Jared the night before had faded into something calm and steady, but his chest still squeezed pleasurably from the mere sight of Jensen's face. There was something about the lines of it – the sharp angle of his nose, the swooping curves of his eyebrows, the wide, plush bow of his mouth – that made Jared wish he could he could draw or sculpt and capture it forever.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about his face, though, was the way it was scarred. The widest three looked to be from the same swipe of claws, slicing diagonally across his forehead and cheek in light pink grooves. Smaller, silvery nicks were harder to make out, catching the light above one eyebrow and along the curve of his jaw.

It made Jared's heart ache to think of Jensen alone out here, holding off other predators and competing for prey. That was why pack was so important; they looked out for each other. It went against their nature to be solitary – even if there wasn't immediate danger to worry about, their kind thrived on communities and activity.

If Jared were home right then he'd be puttering around his apartment with a cup of coffee, getting ready for class. The morning news would be humming in the background, mixing with the sounds of city traffic outside; Sandy might call and make him promise to swing by that afternoon to give his thoughts on her latest home improvement project, or help her take the kids to the park. His day would be full of conversation and responsibilities, friends and classmates and loved ones, and by the end he'd only have the energy to drink a few beers and watch some TV before passing out and starting it all over again the next day.

The only noise in the cave came from a few birds outside, and the only other person for miles was the one dozing next to him.

A part of Jared still yearned to be in pack territory, but he was surprised to find that another, deeper part of him almost relished the solitude. He and Jensen weren't alone – they were alone together, which was completely different. There were no other weres around to so much as catch his mate's scent, and even though his claim was irrevocable, that idea still soothed a selfish, possessive corner of his heart.

Jared lost track of time as he watched Jensen sleep; it wasn't until the pressure of his bladder grew too intense to ignore that he finally left their makeshift bed and padded out into the sunshine.

The air was warm with Indian summer despite the early hour, and after he relieved himself he shifted into wolf form and explored the area around Jensen's cave. Several other animals were already up and about – he made out a few different kinds of birds in the trees overhead, and watched a family of deer pass by in the distance – and it occurred to him that Jensen had been right, in a way. The forest had other inhabitants and its own busy rhythm of life, even if it didn't have other people.

He was sniffing around some blackberry brambles when he caught the scent of a squirrel, and spotted it roaming around nearby. As a kid he'd loved the simple, pointless pleasure of chasing them through the woods, and after a moment's hesitation he went ahead and indulged himself, crouching low and stalking it through the bushes.

It froze when Jared finally crept into its line of sight, its tail twitching nervously, then darted away. Jared chased after it, hot on its heels all the way to the cleared-out area in front of Jensen's cave. The squirrel scurried up one of the trees there, perching on a safely distant branch and chattering down at him merrily.

Jared was tempted to change forms again and climb after it, just to really throw his new buddy for a loop, but the air suddenly shifted and a familiar, sweet scent distracted him. He turned, following it unconsciously, and found Jensen standing at the mouth of the cave.

A reddish-brown pelt was wrapped around his naked shoulders, and a breeze ruffled his sleep-mussed hair. The wry, fond expression on his face was one Jared recognized, a sign that Jensen was in good humor.

"Meeting the neighbors?"

Jared barked, short and happy, and caught a flicker of a grin on Jensen's face before he shifted into the sleek, dark-furred wolf Jared first met. He bounded over and nipped playfully at the side of Jared's neck, then bolted off into the trees.

Jared tore after him, but Jensen was far more elusive prey than the squirrel had been – he led him deep into the woods, taking a path that seemed entirely random, though Jared picked up layers of his scent at every turn. He obviously knew where he was going, and made the trip often.

When they had romped almost a mile away from the cave, Jensen suddenly veered right, stopping short on the bank of a river. It wasn't particularly wide, but it looked deep; a steady current led it over a steep, rocky drop-off a few feet away.

Jensen yipped, crouched, then broke into a sprint and leapt right over the side of the ridge.

Jared bolted to the edge just in time to see Jensen shift into his human form mid-air – arcing with all the sleek grace and muscle of a competitive diver as he landed in the pool below the waterfall.

He grinned up at Jared when he surfaced, giving a low, mocking series of whistles.

"Here, boy!" he called, splashing away when Jared dove in after him.

The water was cold but not frigid, and the shock of it felt delicious on Jared's human skin. He let himself sink all the way to the bottom before he shot back up to the surface and shook his hair from his eyes.

"So I take it this is your version of morning coffee?"

Jensen flicked water at him and shrugged, smiling. "Wakes you up, doesn't it?"

"Definitely," Jared agreed.

Jensen stretched his arms out and floated onto his back, letting the swirling water drift him around the pool. He looked younger with his hair slicked down around his face – or maybe it was just because he seemed genuinely happy and relaxed for the first time since they met.

It occurred to Jared as he ducked under again that Jensen was sharing something with him, something he obviously enjoyed. There weren't many creature comforts to be had out here, and the swimming hole was so secluded Jensen was probably the only one who knew it existed – but he'd shown it to Jared, and if the placid look on his face was anything to go by, he didn't seem to mind the company.

The thought warmed Jared to his bones, though it wasn't enough to stop him from sneaking under Jensen, grabbing his foot, and yanking him under the surface.

Jensen kicked at him as he sank down, but he grinned at Jared through the bubbles that floated between them.

"Bastard," he huffed when they came up for air.

Jared barely had time to suck in a deep breath before Jensen got a hand on his head and dunked him, the sound of his laughter muffled by the loud roar of water.

By the time they climbed out on the bank, Jared really did feel more alert and alive, his muscles all thrumming pleasantly.

Jensen shook his head, spraying water in either direction in a move that was pure canine, and flopped down in a patch of sunshine. Jared didn't wait for a gruff invitation this time – he just sprawled out in the opposite direction, resting his damp head on Jensen's side.

"Nice place you've got here," he said.

He felt Jensen's stomach move as he chuckled. "I'm glad you approve."

Jensen's fingers brushed over his forehead and down the side of his face, absently tracing the line of his jaw. Jared smiled when they wandered over his chin and lips, Jensen's thumb rubbing lightly at his bottom lip. He caught it gently with his teeth and flicked his tongue against the soft pad; it tasted like the water they'd been swimming in, but he could feel the grooves of Jensen's thumbprint.

A warm, lazy tension began to well in his stomach, and he sensed that Jensen felt it, too; his scent wasn't as strong after that swim, but Jared's nose could pick out the subtle shift that meant Jensen was interested.

He let the feeling wash over him, building in his limbs and stiffening his cock. There was a kind of hedonism in stretching it out, savoring the fact that he could satisfy that hunger whenever he wanted – that Jensen was right there, feeling it with him.

Jensen hummed, still playing with Jared's bottom lip gently. The smell of his arousal gradually thickened, teasing Jared's senses until he was fully hard and knew Jensen was, too.

He turned his face against Jensen's hip, kissing at the cut of muscle there before shifting over on his stomach to study his cock.

It was thick and heavy, so hard that the sheath of skin around the head had slid down under the ridge. Veins criss-crossed down the length of the shaft, some thicker than others, and his balls were tight and full. The tip was flushed rosy-pink, a slightly darker shade than the blush Jared saw in Jensen's cheeks the night before.

Jared wanted to suck on it.

He'd never done before, not to anyone, but suddenly it was all he wanted – he had to swallow the rush of saliva that came just from imagining Jensen's thick, blood-warm cock pushing into his mouth.

He took a steadying breath before he leaned in and traced the heaviest vein with his tongue, following its path all the way up to the tip. By the time he got there a glimmer of precome had formed in the slit, and Jared licked at it, rubbing his tongue against it gently even after the strong, bitter taste was gone.

Jensen's breath hitched, his thighs going tense when Jared rolled his tongue all the way around the smooth head. It wasn't until Jared gripped the base and popped the tip of it right past his lips that Jensen seemed to totally get what was going on, and then he made a high, tight noise that sounded surprised.

Jared shut his eyes and pushed his mouth lower, nostrils flaring around his heavy breaths. The weight of Jensen, hard and smooth on his tongue, was even better than he imagined. It was almost as good as fucking him – maybe it was as good, just different. He could smell Jensen's scent more than ever, the rich musk thick in his nose and the bitter, salty taste of precome and sweat on his tongue.

He couldn't hold back a small groan when Jensen's fingers wove through his hair, his nails scratching over Jared's scalp. When Jensen's hips began to move, rocking his cock back and forth through the ring of Jared's lips, a sharp wave of heat crashed over Jared's entire body. There was something in his mind that warned it was wrong, that he was submitting, but there was also part of him that recognized how good it felt to give Jensen this pleasure.

This was Jensen's cock – his fat, flushed alpha-were cock – but it was also the part of him that was the most sensitive, and Jared was taking it deep in his mouth. It called up the same possessive, protective yearnings he'd felt since he first caught Jensen's scent, that overwhelming desire to swallow Jensen whole and keep him for himself.

He hollowed his cheeks and made a low, hungry noise as Jensen pushed deeper, nudging the head of his cock into Jared's throat. Inexperience made him slurp around it, his muscles tensing to choke at the intrusion, but he forced himself to relax and let Jensen in.

He only pulled back when he sensed Jensen was close, pumping his fist at the base and teasing his tongue across the tip. The sweet, whimpering noises Jensen was making came faster, his fingers tightened in Jared's hair, and then the slit flared open around his first shot of come.

It spattered over Jared's lips and teeth, hot and thick; he barely had the chance to process that before the next two streaked across his cheek, his chin, and Jensen's own stomach. He hadn't anticipated liking this part, but the sudden smell and taste of Jensen's come was almost too much for his body to handle – a fierce flare of heat swept through him, leaving his nerves aglow and his hands shaking with need.

His lips caught around the neck of Jensen's cock as he gave the head a soft, cushy suck, earning himself another pulse of come that he swallowed down. He could imagine it settling warmly in his belly, the idea so hot and good that he pulled back and licked at the string of it still smeared on his chin.

"Jared," Jensen groaned. "You—"

He broke off and shook his head, tugging on Jared's hair – gently at first and then harder, until Jared had no choice to slide up the length of his body and face him.

Jensen was still breathing hard, his eyes bright and wide. He looked as blown away as he had the last time Jared fucked him, but there was something in his expression Jared couldn't place. He stared for a long moment, his gaze searching, and then pressed his mouth against Jared's in a kiss.

It was a shock to Jared's system, and at first he nearly forgot how to respond – his lips parted clumsily as Jensen's tongue darted past to lick at the taste of his own come. It wasn't until their tongues brushed together, velvety and slick, that Jared snapped to attention and gripped Jensen's face. The taste of his mouth was good in a way Jared hadn't even imagined – as unique as his scent and no less delicious.

Jensen rolled them over in the leaves until he was sprawled across Jared's chest, clutching a clumsy handful of Jared's hair as he explored him. His tongue was curious and deliberate in the path it took, flicking over the slightly uneven ridges of Jared's teeth, the sensitive inner skin of his cheeks, and the corners of his lips that still tasted sourly of come.

It was somehow more intimate than anything else they'd done, made all the more amazing because Jensen had initiated it. Each warm, damp drag of lips and tongue and teeth left Jared arching up against him, his fingers stroking mindlessly through the wet ends of Jensen's hair.

Before Jared could entirely process what was happening, Jensen slid over and straddled his hips, a knee pressed to the ground on either side. He pulled away from the kiss after a moment, panting against Jared's mouth.

"You need to mate me again," he said roughly, pressing a hand to Jared's shoulder to steady himself as he sat up.

Jared bit his swollen bottom lip, his hips jerking up just at the sound of those words. His entire body craved even more than usual – sinking into Jensen as deep as he could, touching him there where no one else had been.

"Jesus, yeah," he huffed, hands curling around Jensen's waist.

Jensen didn't move into position, though; he pushed two fingers into his mouth and sucked on them, then reached behind himself and – Jared sucked in a sharp breath, going dizzy when he realized Jensen was fucking himself open on them.

If it was uncomfortable, his face didn't show it. He stared down at Jared with the same hot-eyed, intense expression he'd given him after coming, his cheeks pink with exertion and his jaw set tightly. Jared slid his hands down until he was cupping Jensen's ass, gently pulling it open and letting Jensen get those fingers in as deep as he could.

Jensen shut his eyes as he twisted his wrist, the muscles of his shoulder and arm all flexing with the effort. He looked so hedonistic, Jared probably could have blown his load just watching him – and just knowing how badly he wanted to get fucked.

"God," he whispered, fingernails digging into Jensen's skin.

It made Jensen's eyes snap open and his lips twist up, but he didn't answer. He just pulled his fingers free with a quiet, slick pop, and reached further down to grab Jared's cock, dragging the head of it right up to his slippery little hole.

He was tighter than he'd been the last time, but he took the entire length in one easy slide, sitting on it with his full weight. Jared blew out a slow, steadying breath, his legs shaking from the effort of not thrusting up into that sweet heat. It was clear Jensen was the one in control here, no matter whose dick was in who – and seeing Jensen in control was so hot that Jared couldn't bring himself to argue.

Jensen's mouth fell open when he began to move, the flush in his cheeks spreading down his neck and chest as his hips found a deep, grinding rhythm. His ass tensed and flexed under Jared's hands each time he lifted up, just as his hole pulled hungrily around Jared's cock. It was overwhelming, how good it felt to have Jensen give it up like that – so desperate for Jared he was taking what he wanted.

"So good," Jared muttered, watching him through eyes narrowed to slits. "Just like that – getting me in there so deep."

Jensen leaned in, bracing one hand on the ground by Jared's head and ducking down to nip at his mouth. The change in angle made his strokes shorter, so the fat tip of Jared's cock was just rubbing relentlessly at the same deep place inside of him; Jared knew from the way Jensen had shuddered and growled when Jared pounded at that same spot before that he loved feeling it there.

Sure enough, Jensen's hole clenched responsively as he moaned into the kiss. It was sloppier than the ones they'd shared earlier, Jensen's tongue rolling against Jared's in a hungry, unforgiving slide. Jared's stomach began to tremble when Jensen's teeth tugged at his bottom lip, but it wasn't until Jensen gave his tongue a sweet, sharp suck that Jared's cock jerked and began to come.

Their slow rhythm didn't falter even when Jensen hissed sharply, signaling that he felt those hot, deep pulses of come. He met Jared's gaze, his eyes blazing like he felt as much pleasure at getting that load as Jared felt giving it.

When Jared finally slumped, his nerves still faintly throbbing with the last of his pleasure, Jensen eased back and collapsed next to him.

"Wow," Jared huffed, staring sightlessly up at the canopy of trees.

Jensen hummed his agreement, scratching lazily at his stomach. Jared turned his head and looked at him, amused to find that Jensen not only seemed fucked out and content, but also vaguely smug. It was a good look for him.

"I need to bathe again now," Jensen said after a few minutes, when Jared's breathing had evened out and his pulse was no longer hammering.

He sat up slowly, rolling his shoulders so his spine popped, and startled when Jared's hand flew out and grabbed his wrist.

"Don't," Jared said. He rubbed his thumb around to the hollow of Jensen's wrist, where he could feel the dips and rises of veins. "I like being able to smell it on you."

Jensen swallowed, but he raised a wry eyebrow. "Smell what, exactly?"

"Me." A faint flush rose in Jared's face, but he didn't look away. "My claim on you."

He didn't miss the slight shiver that went through Jensen's body, but he didn't miss the way his shoulders tightened, either.

"You know, you're marked the same way," said Jensen. His gaze raked down Jared's sprawled form, lingering on his spent cock. "I can smell myself all over you. Any other wolf would scent it, too, and know you belong to an alpha."

"I know," Jared said, his grip loosening and his fingers drifting up the inside of Jensen's arm. "I like that, too."

"It really doesn't bother you? Knowing that someone might think of you as another wolf's bitch?"

"Not really. I'm pretty confident I could dominate anyone who wanted to challenge me. And anyone who caught your scent – well, they'd know what kind of alpha you are. No one would be stupid enough to fuck with your mate." Even as he said it, a fresh flicker of heat licked at Jared's sensitive nerves; it was an odd combination of pride, admiration and possessiveness. He gave Jensen a small smile. "We already covered the fact that I'm stupid and romantic, but I actually like being your mate."

Jensen didn't answer right away, and they just looked at each other for a few minutes.

"We should get moving," he said abruptly, pulling out of Jared's grasp. It was only then that Jared realized Jensen had been absently stroking Jared's arm in an echo of the way Jared was touching him. "It's already mid-day."

"What, do you have an afternoon meeting?"

Jensen snorted. "Believe me, it's not all chasing squirrels and skinny-dipping out here. There's plenty of work to be done."

He shifted forms before Jared could reply, nudging his cold wolf-nose against Jared's bare side and trotting a few feet away. He looked back expectantly, giving Jared no choice but to sit up with a grumble, change forms, and follow.


As surly and curt as Jensen was, he made a surprisingly good teacher. Jared hadn't expected that.

The work of the day all required a level of mountain man naturalism that Jared simply didn't have, but Jensen seemed to find his clumsy ineptitude amusing. He merely smiled and showed him the right way to do the task – be it checking on the old metal traps he'd set up to catch rabbits, skinning what they found there, or preparing the meat to be dried.

He didn't even seem fazed when Jared boggled at the idea of catching fish with his bare hands.

"What do you mean, with my hands?"

Jensen lifted his eyebrows and threw him a puzzled look. "I mean with your hands. Those big things at the ends of your arms? It's easy."

That had been an overstatement, but Jared soon found that there was entertainment value in watching Jensen – he practically radiated quiet, smoldering intensity as he stood in the water and waited for his prey.

"This is insane," Jared said from the river bank. "Not to mention totally fucking impossible. Can't you just whittle yourself a fishing pole, or something?"

Jensen didn't even look at him; his attention had narrowed to the water right in front of him. Jared watched, fascinated, as he suddenly lunged and pulled a wriggling fish out of the water. He smirked and tossed it on the bank, where it flopped around next to Jared.

"It's all in the fingers. Come on, I'll show you."

By the time they trudged back to the cave, Jared's arms were sore and he was chilled to the bone. The look on Jensen's face when he'd finally snatched a fish of his own from the river, though – that had been so warm and fond and proud, Jared would have happily stood knee-deep in water all night to see it again.

When Jensen cleaned the fish and built a fire, Jared allowed himself the pleasure of pawing through his small library. It was an odd collection, ranging from tattered paperback novels to sturdy hard-covered philosophy.

"Tom Sawyer?" Jared said, holding up the book that topped the pile.

"I like adventure stories."

Jared wasn't able to bite back a laugh. "Seriously? Your life is an adventure story."

"I guess it might seem like that to someone else. To me, it's just... life."

One side of his mouth ticked up as he shrugged and went back to his work, but for some reason Jared couldn't look away, suddenly struck with how much he truly liked Jensen.

He'd spent his entire life expecting to bond with a mate that was curvy and soft and smooth, but now that he had Jensen, he couldn't imagine being happy with anything else. The more time he spent in Jensen's company, the less that seemed to matter – and not because there was any mistaking Jensen's masculinity. He had a pretty face, sure, but beyond that he was all sharp angles and wiry hair; his hands were strong and blunt, his muscles were thick and toned.

That's what made it so hot; Jensen wasn't supposed to be a bitch, but he became one for Jared. He was built to fuck and fight and dominate – but instead he let Jared spread him open, shove him face-first in the dirt and fill him full of come.

As much as Jared loved having an alpha male mate, though, Jensen still didn't seem entirely comfortable with it. Jared could tell he liked getting claimed as much as Jared like claiming him, but they were still dancing around each other, still slightly unsure about what these new roles meant.

Jensen's words by the waterfall had nagged at him throughout the afternoon – someone might think of you as another wolf's bitch.

As much as he mulled them over, he couldn't quite figure out why Jensen would care about that. The man was a total misanthrope – it had taken hours of work for Jared to get into his good graces, and Jensen was biologically obligated to like him. There was no reason for him to care that another, random were might think less of him for being mated to an alpha male.

Unless, Jared supposed, it was Jensen himself who thought that.

It shouldn't come as that much of a surprise, given the way Jensen seemed to operate. For all his intelligence and dry humor, he was astonishingly lacking in self-awareness; he hadn't even realized that he was lonely, but his quiet pleasure at sharing things with Jared suggested that some part of him did crave companionship.

Being a self-reliant alpha was his identity, something he embraced to ensure his survival, and he wouldn't know what to do with his desire to get pinned down and claimed if he thought it was at odds with that. Jared had refrained from goading him too much about his submission, afraid that emphasizing Jensen's bitch status would only further raise his hackles. But maybe he needed that; maybe he needed Jared to push the issue so he could accept and admit how much he loved it.

"You're gorgeous, you know that?" Jared said suddenly. He'd been watching Jensen work for the better part of an hour, and he still hadn't grown bored with it – he was pretty sure he'd never get tired of studying the restrained power and absent grace of even his smallest movements.

Jensen made a face, his delicately curved eyebrows furrowing together. "I'm not a woman."

"I know," Jared said. "Believe me."

He let his gaze run down Jensen's body, enjoying the way he shifted his weight and colored prettily under the attention.

"You helped catch dinner," he said flippantly. "You don't have to flatter me to get some of it."

"It's not flattery if it's true," Jared grinned.

Jensen threw him a sour look. "You really enjoy the sound of your own voice, don't you?"

He shook his head as shifted up on his knees, tossing the small knife he'd been using on the fish by the water basin. The light caught on the backs of his thighs when he moved, and it took Jared a second to realize why – it was that load of come he'd left in him earlier. He'd been leaking it all day, and he was still leaking it, all because Jared to him not to clean himself up.

Before Jared could think it through, he was on his knees and sliding in behind Jensen, running his fingertips up the side of Jensen's arm.

"Can you wait until I finish this?" Jensen said, sounding both exasperated and amused. "I assume you want to eat tonight."

"Nope." Jared slid an arm around Jensen's waist and pulled him in tightly. His cock was already thickening, and that warm press of skin had him throbbing against the meat of Jensen's ass. "Now."

Jensen let himself be pulled back, resting his head against Jared's jaw and humming when Jared nuzzled him. "You're insatiable."

"And you're a little cockslut."

A bright, warm flush abruptly swept across Jensen's face, his mouth twisting into an embarrassed scowl. Jared didn't miss the way his scent shifted, though, warming the air around them as blood rushed to Jensen's cock.

"I thought we established that I can drop you like the over-sized pup you are," Jensen said shortly, ducking away from Jared's mouth. "Watch it."

Jared smiled, unfazed.

"Doesn't mean you don’t love getting fucked. Do you know how hot that makes me? How much I love just looking at you—" He nipped at the smooth, vulnerable skin of Jensen's throat, watching as it turned pink. "And knowing my alpha mate can't wait to give it up to me again?"

Jensen shut his eyes, a muscle in his jaw twitching. "Jared."

"I mean, look at you," Jared pressed, spreading one hand over Jensen's chest and sliding the other down between them to cup his ass. "You're more powerful than three other alphas put together. You should be out there breeding a pretty little pussy, Jensen – have some bitch hanging off your knot, getting knocked up with your cubs. But you're mine. I get to have you squirming on my cock, practically begging me to mate you. Giving me your own little pussy."

He pushed two fingers into Jensen's well-used hole and stroked his thumb over a pebbled nipple, smiling when Jensen rocked back against him.

"I don't – have—"

"Yeah, you do. Right here. You've given it to me so many times." He nibbled at that soft spot on Jensen's neck, then kissed it. "I thought I was doing you a favor, not making a thing about it, but I think that's what you need. I think—" Jared's lips caught on the curves of Jensen's ear as he went in for the kill, "—it turns you on, being my bitch."

The air went ripe with the smell of Jensen's sweat and precome, exposing his throb of arousal and the jolt of fear that came immediately after.

"Look at that. Your cock's getting hard for me," Jared breathed, feeling around inside Jensen and giving the bump in there a little rub. "I can smell it. I've tasted it. It's mine, the same way this place inside of you is mine."

Jensen's hole twitched around Jared's fingers even as his knees instinctively slid further apart, giving him more access.


He was wound up tighter than Jared had seen him, the noises coming out between his hitched breaths purely animal. It was like Jared was speaking directly to that vulnerable, sweet place inside of Jensen that loved to get pounded by cock.

"This is what you want, right? You want to bend over and give me this little hole all the time. You love being my bitch. You love getting fucked nice and deep and taking my come, and knowing you're the only one who gets it."

There was a long, tense moment of silence before Jensen gave a jerky nod.

"Shh, it's okay," Jared murmured, stroking Jensen's jaw with one hand and rubbing tight circles against his prostate with the other. He could smell each thick drip of precome that oozed out Jensen's slit, making his own cock throb. "That's what I'm telling you. I love it, too. I love you being my alpha bitch. I don't need a female – I don't want a female, I just want this."

A sweet little whimper stole past Jensen's lips when Jared yanked his fingers out and nudged the head of his cock where they had been. His hole had been stretched and slicked so many times that it opened right up, taking him deep.

Jared moved slowly, giving Jensen careful little thrusts until he writhed and pushed back for more.

"God, yeah, that's it," Jared groaned, his arm flexing across Jensen's chest and holding him in place as his hips began to piston. "Your body knows what it's supposed to do. That's why you like getting these tits played with so much, huh?"

Jensen gasped when Jared plucked at one of his stiff little nipples, making his chest jerk under Jared's hand.

"Your pussy's just aching to get mated. All ripe and ready for seed. I'm supposed to be knockin' you up—" Jared slammed into the slippery-warm grip of Jensen's hole, "—but we can't do that, so instead I'm just gonna keep filing you up with come. Over and over. Never gonna end, 'cause you'll always be in heat for me."

"Fuck," Jensen spat, the word sounding like it was torn from somewhere deep inside. He shuddered against Jared's body, fingers digging into Jared's thighs. "Yes."

Jared's eyes snapped shut, wild sparks of color flashing behind the lids. He refused to come this soon, but those words had his balls twitching and tensing, ready to pump a fresh load right into Jensen's belly.

He didn't realize how long he'd hesitated until Jensen reached back and grabbed his hair, pulling Jared in until their faces almost touched, each of Jensen's breaths huffing against his lips.

"Don't stop," he gritted out, his large eyes narrowed to slits. "I want—"

"What?" Jared demanded. "What do you want?"

"I want – this," he groaned, arching until he was grinding down on Jared's cock. "I want you to – breed me."

"Jesus." Jared's fingers went tight on Jensen's hip, his mouth shoving up against Jensen's parted, bitten lips. The tongue that licked back at his was rough and demanding, as slick as the place Jared was fucking into. "Yeah – yeah, I'm gonna breed you. Fill you up with my come, keep you nice and creamed."

Jensen whimpered and nodded, his face screwing up in a grimace of pleasure. His hand scrabbled down to grip his own cock where it bobbed, swaying with every thrust of Jared's hips.

"No," Jared said sharply, reaching down to grab his wrist. "Not yet. You're not coming until you have at least one load in this little hole."

Jensen's teeth sank into his fat lower lip, his entire body going tense, and then let out a slow, shaky breath.

"That's it," Jared breathed, nuzzling at the side of Jensen's neck and drilling him with steady, even pumps of cock. He rubbed Jensen's wrist before letting it go, giving him the chance to comply. "Just take it for me."

"God," Jensen huffed, dropping his hand back to grip Jared's thigh. "Okay – okay, yeah."

Jared slid a hand up through Jensen's hair and gave it a tug.

"Say it," he whispered, yanking Jensen's head back and exposing his throat. "You're my bitch."

Jensen's lip curled, showing Jared the sharp edge of his teeth. "I'm your bitch."

Jared rubbed his mouth, open and damp, against the side of Jensen's cheek. "I'm your mate."

"You're my—" His voice cracked and his hole flexed around Jared's cock. "—mate."

"Yeah," Jared muttered, grinding in deep. "You want this load of alpha come?"

"Yes, God, please," Jensen babbled, his fingernails digging into Jared's legs, "just – give it to me."

Jared sank his teeth into the side of Jensen's neck as he jerked sharply and came, sucking an angry bruise right over the place where his pulse fluttered.

His whole body throbbed with the force of it, wild and alive with the thought that this was his – his entirely, his alone. Every shot of spunk that emptied out of his balls was landing right where it was supposed to, was made for Jensen to take and keep. It was a powerful feeling, one that had him rocking into Jensen's hole until he had nothing more to give, until he was just pushing that thick, slimy load around inside his mate.

When he finally came back to himself, he found he'd left a sharp row of teeth marks on Jensen's skin – and Jensen hadn't moved at all. His head was tilted to give Jared full access to that tender, sensitive place on his throat, and his hands were still clutching obediently at Jared's thighs, nowhere near his own neglected cock.

"That feel good?" Jared said knowingly. His voice was nearly shaking with exhaustion and the weight of all the emotion between them – his own as well as Jensen's, which seemed to crackle in the air around them – but he wasn’t going to give up now. Not when Jensen was finally giving him this, letting Jared see him raw and exposed and vulnerable. He slid his hand down Jensen's stomach and tapped his fingers teasingly against his swollen cockhead. "I gave you a big one. 'S the kind of load that would make a nice big litter of cubs."

Jensen made a high, helpless noise, his cock twitching like it was trying to get closer to Jared's touch.

"Yes. Yes, it's – so good," he blurted, totally beyond shame or dignity or reservation. He was so keyed up, so desperate to come that his words were coming out with all the ragged urgency of a sob. "I can – feel it inside of me – feel it breeding me."

Jared groaned and grabbed Jensen's cock, his thumb finding the nervy tip and rubbing at it unforgivingly. It made Jensen's hips jerk and a broken noise tear out of him.

"Is this what you want?" Jared hissed. "You want me to fuck the come right out of you, Jensen? Push it out of your hot little bitch body with my cock?"

Jensen couldn't even get out a reply; four strokes later he was shuddering and whining and striping his own stomach with thick, white ropes of come. Jared stared down at Jensen's cock as he stroked it, watching the slit flare open in rhythmic winks even after the last of his load had spattered out.

It took Jensen a long time to come down from that, his whole body clenching and coiling as he gasped out soft little noises. Jared held him carefully, stroking at his arms and letting him unwind at his own pace. He knew the steely attitude would slide back into place soon enough, but he also knew he'd just pushed Jensen towards something huge and scary – something that he wanted to experience, but was reluctant to accept.

When the tension finally faded out of Jensen's frame, Jared pressed a kiss against his temple and slowly pulled out. Jensen swayed unsteadily on his knees, slumping over gratefully when Jared eased them down on the pelts.

The cave was quiet in the wake of that coupling, silent except for the crackle of the fire and the ragged, wet noise of Jensen's breaths as they evened out.

He wouldn't meet Jared's gaze, but Jared couldn't look at anything else; the cave, the forest, and everything else in it might have not existed at all – there was only Jensen.

Jared had spent his whole life longing for something, though he couldn't quite put his finger on what – and it was this. The whole time, it had been this surly, wry, wary-eyed creature who hunted rabbits and read great American novels before sleeping on the floor of a cave. It was shocking to finally have him, and even more so to know how much power Jared had over him.

Jared pressed the tips of two fingers against the bruise he'd left on Jensen's neck, relishing the way Jensen shivered in response. He let his fingers drift down to the scar that curved over Jensen's shoulder, tracing it with a fingertip and then touching his mouth there gently.

Jensen shifted, muscles twitching under his skin.

"Shh," Jared murmured. "It's just me."

He was surprised to find that just the sound of his voice was enough to make Jensen settle. He let out a short, irritated little breath, but relaxed completely.

"What are you doing?" he said after a moment, glancing at Jared from the corner of his eye.

"Touching you," Jared said, amused. "I kind of enjoy it, seeing as you're my mate, and all. Don't you like it?"

Jensen made a noncommittal noise, and Jared rubbed his face against Jensen's shoulder and up to the curve of his neck.


"Yes," Jensen said roughly.

Jared smiled and pulled him in against his chest. "You're a surly son of a bitch, you know that?"

"Yeah, well. You're friendly enough for the both of us." Jensen swallowed, his voice dropping into a low rumble that was hard to read. "Did you mean what you said before? You wouldn't rather have a female mate?"

"Yeah," Jared said. "I meant everything I said."

"That doesn't make any sense," Jensen said after a pause. "You should want to procreate. That's the point of mating. I should want that, too."

"But you don't, right?" Jared said. "You know you should, but instead you just want to do this. With me."

Jensen shifted and squirmed against his chest, like a little kid who didn't want to be picked up, but he nodded.

"Why is it so hard for you to give in to me?" Jared asked, tracing the line of Jensen's jaw. "This is a good thing. This is what our kind do. I swear, man, I've been looking for you for so long."

Jensen shut his eyes.

"I never—" He broke off abruptly. Jared's fingers kept rubbing gently at his skin until he continued. "I learned to take care of myself a long time ago. I didn't think I'd ever find... you."

Jared turned his face against Jensen's hair, breathing in his smell until his lungs strained and burned. It made his entire body throb, went to his head and made him dizzy with want and need. He couldn't imagine living without this, now that he found it. He couldn't imagine anyone catching this scent and not wanting to wrap themselves up in it, savor every detail.

"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

He could feel the pull of muscles when Jensen swallowed. "You have to return to your pack eventually."

"Jensen," Jared said patiently, steering Jensen's chin up so they were almost nose to nose. "We're a pack now. You and me."

Jensen blinked a few times, not meeting his eye. Apparently he hadn't considered that.

"You have a whole life that you left behind, and it's waiting for you back in your city. There's no place for me in that world. I won't live in it. I won't."

"I'm not asking you to." Jared surprised himself with the words, but even as he heard them, he knew it was true. He would never force Jensen to go against his nature.

"What, then?" Jensen scoffed, jerking his chin from Jared's hand. "You want to stay here?"

Jared let that idea take shape in his mind – not returning to Seattle, or school, or work. Giving up his car and television and music collection. Living here in the woods, hunting for food, freely changing between forms as he wished – and doing all of it with Jensen. The entire woods would be theirs to roam, and every night they would come back to this den, lay by the fire and mate for hours.

"Do you want me to?" Jared said quietly.

Jensen glanced over at him. Their eyes locked for no more than a second, but Jared saw things there that he hadn't let himself hope for – that he didn't know were possible.

When Jensen spoke his voice was thin and quiet, almost too low to hear, but Jared felt it all the way down to his bones.

"Yes. Very much."

Jared turned his face against Jensen's neck, his arm tightening around Jensen's chest and pulling him even closer. He could feel the steady thrum of his mate's heartbeat under his hand and where his mouth rested on Jensen's throat; Jensen's scent was all over him, surrounding him and quietly relating his pleasure, his presence, and his sudden anxiousness at having made that admission.

"I'm not going anywhere," Jared repeated, his words slow and deliberate.

Jensen touched his hand uncertainly, then gripped it, twining his fingers around Jared's and squeezing tightly. Jared squeezed back.

"You really are stupid and romantic," Jensen said hoarsely.

Jared smiled. "That's the rumor."

"And you're terrible at catching fish," he added, his thumb sliding up to rub at the back of Jared's hand.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm sticking around, then," Jared teased. "You'll have plenty of time to teach me how to do it right."

Jensen pulled back enough to look at him, lips quirked up in his sardonic little smile.

"Yeah," Jensen said quietly. His smile widened into a grin that Jared hadn't seen before, and couldn't wait to put there again. "Good thing."

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