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FIC: To Have and to Hold (Jared/Jensen, NC-17)

Title: To Have and to Hold
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 5,860
Warnings: underage, dub-con, feminized dirty talk
Notes: Written for blindfold_spn and originally posted here.
Other Notes: Haha, I wasn't going to claim this, but whatever. PORN.

Prompt: Jared is a famous warrior, and he gets Jensen's reluctant parents to let him marry the boy (13 to 15, please) for whatever reason. Wedding night dub-con, and Jared fucking his boy-bride any chance he gets. Eventually, Jensen's teenage libido catches up with him.

It's an honor.

That's what everyone told him in the hectic days between Jared's offer and the brief, perfunctory ceremony that bound his life to that of the fiercest man in the western lands. It's an honor to be chosen by one so powerful, so rich in spoils of war, so respected in the street. It's an honor to bid farewell to home, studies, and play, and become a bride. A boy-bride.

The phrase makes Jensen's stomach tighten and warm strangely as he studies the ceiling of Jared's bedchamber. The traditional dressing-gown the servants left for him is white and soft, deliciously smooth on his skin. He heard someone say, in the busy blur of the day's festivities, that Jared had the fabric imported from a distant land. No luxury spared for his bride. That's why it's all such an honor.

Jensen sighs, curling his legs up under the hem of the silky robe. No one bothered to tell him what exactly Jared is doing – his is a large household with many slaves and servants, so there's no telling what keeps him busy – but the endless waiting wrings at Jensen's nerves.

It would all be less frightening if he knew more of what the night was to entail, but his repeated questions yielded only the vaguest of explanations. He understood he would satisfy Jared's desires – the same mysterious desires that had driven him to make his proposal to Jensen, of all boys – and accept however Jared needed him to do that, though he had no idea how.

A few boys he knows have kissed girls, and a few (of questionable reputation) even let men of no great standing touch them under their tunics, but it's all strange and unfathomable to Jensen. He never felt the urge to do anything like that, and it never occurred to him that he might suddenly need to know the details of those things – he's only fourteen, after all, and there's nothing particularly special about him that might encourage an early proposal of marriage.

He's on the verge of sleep when he hears the quiet noise of the door open, a sudden shock of adrenaline jerking him fully awake.

There's no mistaking the large shadow cast on the wall from the flickering candelabras – or, indeed, the hulking man himself as he shuts the door behind and comes to the foot of the bed.

It's difficult to fight the impulse to curl in on himself as Jared studies him, his gaze piercing and direct.

"God, finally," Jared says, coming around the side of one of the tall, carved posters of his bed. He strips his tunic off carelessly and leans down to yank off his boots, leaving Jensen to stare at the ripple of muscle in his powerful back and arms.

The man is huge. Jensen knew it, of course – he had stood next to him at their wedding, letting Jared clasp one of his hands in two larger ones – but now that they're alone he seems even larger. Barbarous, really, with his sun-darkened skin and broad shoulders.

When Jared straightens, only in his breeches, he smiles at Jensen. There's something dark about it that prods at the heat in Jensen's stomach and under his skin.

"I apologize for leaving you waiting for so long. That is not how things will be between us."

Jensen draws his knees up to his chest, his voice coming out softly. "It's all right."

"I can hardly believe we're finally alone," Jared says, kneeing his way onto the bed. He's still fixing Jensen with that intense, almost hungry gaze, but he doesn't touch him. Yet. "Do you know what happens now?"

Jensen swallows down the thrill of nervous dread that swells in him.


Jared quirks his eyebrows, amused. The change in expression makes him look less formidable, almost friendly, but it's not enough to dispel Jensen's growing uncertainty.

"Truly? No idea at all?"

He's teasing, Jensen realizes. His face warms at his own ignorance, and he looks down at his knees, staring resolutely at the sheen of light on the silky fabric of his robe.

"I – I know I am to give you pleasure," he says, forcing the words out.

Jared moves closer to him on the bed, and suddenly one of his large hands touches the side of Jensen's face.

"Yes." His voice is a low rumble. "Yes, we're going to give each other a lot of pleasure. Do you know how that is done? How a man and his bride lie together?"

Jensen shakes his head. "No one would tell me."

"I see," Jared murmurs, stroking his cheek. "You're such an innocent thing, aren't you? So pure. I'm going to take that innocence."

His hand skims down, touching the sensitive skin of Jensen's throat. It's almost a tickle, but it makes gooseflesh rise along his arms. He fights the urge to curl in tighter over his knees.

"Take my innocence?" he repeats faintly.

Jared smiles, his fingertips moving lower, pushing under the dressing gown.

"Yes, sweetheart. You will not be a child after tonight. You will be my wife. I will show you such wondrous things." He touches Jensen's collarbone with the fingertips of one impossibly large, dark hand, and then chuckles. "Come now, unfurl for me. Let me look at you."

Hesitantly, Jensen obeys, straightening his legs out in front of him and slowly leaning back against the goose-down pillows. He lets out a shaky breath as Jared's eyes darken and he leans in suddenly, rubbing his face against Jensen's throat, then dragging it up to the side of his face.

"Do you know what your cock does, Jensen?" Jared's words come in warm breaths that tingle against his skin. "Have you put your hand between your legs and played with it? Made this sweet little body feel good?"

Jensen blushes from the tips of his ears to his toes.

"I – yes," he whispers, squeezing his eyes shut against the second wave of embarrassment that brings him. "I have."

"Mmm," Jared hums, dragging his lips down across Jensen's jaw. "I'm sure you did. Spilling sweet little boy-loads all by yourself with no one to lick them up."

Jensen doesn't know what to say to that; he gasps just trying to imagine such a thing. It's no use – the idea can't take proper hold in his mind, it's so scattered and over-heated.

Jared seems content to pet the skin of Jensen's chest he can get to without untying the robe, giving him a moment to catch his breath and try to steady himself.

"Give me your hand, sweetheart," Jared says, catching one of Jensen's wrists before he can even offer it.

He brings Jensen's hand to the front of his pants, and even though a dim part of Jensen's mind knew what was coming, his whole body still shocks when Jared guides his fingers to the thick bulge of his own cock. It feels huge, so much bigger than Jensen's. It doesn't seem possible it could be so large.

He rubs it through the doeskin breeches almost curiously, marveling at its girth. "Do you play with yours, too?"

Jared laughs, the sound low and pleasant. It doesn't sound mean at all, and Jensen finds that oddly soothing, his fingers still playing with the shape in the leather.

"Yes, sweetie. I play with it quite often. From now on, you will play with it quite often, too."

Jensen's eyes widen, several seemingly disconnected facts finally fitting together in his brain. This must have been what they meant – giving him pleasure. Certainly the times he rubbed at his own had been pleasurable.

"That is my duty?" Jensen ventures. "In your household?"

Jared smiles, slow and lazy, letting go of Jensen's hand and untying the fastenings of his breeches.

"That's a good way to put it. Your duty is to play with my cock, and let me play with yours."

"Oh," Jensen says, surprised. "You'll play with mine?"

"Yes, God," Jared sighs, closing his eyes briefly once his breeches are undone. Jensen spies a flash of pink skin in the deep V of fabric there at the front, realizing after a moment that must be it – the cock he had been playing with. Instead of pulling it out, Jared reaches over to paw at Jensen's robe once more, slipping under the front flap of it and rubbing at his skin. "I bet you have a beautiful little cocklet, don't you? Is it pink like you are... here?"

Jared's fingers suddenly close over one of Jensen's nipples, pinching it roughly. Jensen arches off the bed in surprise, his entire frame tensing at the unexpected pain. He whimpers before he can stop himself, blinking dazedly at Jared.


"Hush," Jared says, groping under his robe to give a similar pinch to Jensen's other nipple. It's no less shocking than the first, though this time Jensen's able to restrain himself to a startled wriggle. "Doesn't that feel good?"

He bites his lip and turns his head, staring up at the ceiling as he had earlier. It reminds him of the thought he had then, how the title he's been bestowed – boy bride – made the same low place in his stomach ache warmly.

"Yes," he says hesitantly. "It feels – strange."

"These are your titties, Jensen," Jared says, his fingers moving back to the first one he had touched. He toys with it gently, sending a different kind of thrill through Jensen's body. "Get used to the feeling of having them touched, because I will be doing it often."

The warm timbre of Jared's voice hasn't changed – he speaks as soothingly as one might speak to a very small child, explaining something simple. Jensen isn't sure if he can trust the way that makes him feel; it's good and frightening and more than a little overwhelming.

Jared's hands move to tug open the ties of Jensen's gown, his fingers large and blunt on the little bows.

"Do you like your robe?" he prompts, rubbing at Jensen's ribcage through the fabric. "Most wives keep theirs as a memento of such a night. I wanted my boy bride to have something that matched his beauty."

Jensen flushes again, looking down at the thin, silky garment. "I like it," he mumbles. "It's soft."

Jared slides the two halves of the robe open then, exposing Jensen's chest. It's a little like being a parcel that's unwrapped slowly, like Jared's enjoying putting off the moment he reaches Jensen's cock.

"God, yes. Look at those little titties, love. So tender and pink."

He pinches one again, drawing an involuntary moan from Jensen's throat. This time he keeps rubbing it between his fingers, back and forth, worrying it gently. Lazy heat spirals through Jensen's stomach, making his cock swell a little.

When Jared catches his other nipple and pinches them both together, Jensen's hips jerk right up off the bed, a surprised cry of, "Oh!" echoing through the bedchamber.

Jared smirks knowingly. "See? That does feel good, doesn't it? Tell me, Jensen. Tell me how good it feels when I pinch your titties."

"Feels... good," Jensen says dazedly. "Makes my titties feel very good."

Jared groans, his grip on those little nubs of flesh going tighter for a moment. "You're going to be so delicious to play with," he says. "My sweet little bride. The things I will make you do and beg for after playing with you here, you can't even imagine now."

He bends in suddenly, bowing his head, and for a wild moment Jensen has no idea what's happening – and then Jared's mouth closes over one of his titties, catching it in a sharp, sweet suck.

The rush of blood to his cock happens almost instantly, throbbing there when Jared's mouth doesn't stop. He just continues suckling in sweet, steady pulses of heat that make pleasure flutter through Jensen's whole body.

He moves to the other one after a moment, his fingers returning to play with the one that's slick with spit. It's almost too much for Jensen's body to handle – he's going to spill his seed, he realizes, an irrational jolt of fear rising in his throat.

"Stop!" he cries, kicking his legs. He knows he can't really escape Jared, even if he wished to; the man could pin him to the bed with one hand. "Please, Jared, please – I'm going to soil my robe..."

Jared's head snaps up, his eyes dark and his mouth pink and wet.

"Do you need to come, pet?" he says, voice as silky and soft as Jensen's bridal robe. "Are your little balls going to spill just from your titties getting a good suck?"

Jensen nods frantically, his chest heaving. His nipples – usually a pale brownish color – are vividly pink, the sheen of spit on them catching the light. It's an unfamiliar sight, and he blushes suddenly when he realizes his cock – cocklet, Jared had called it, and he likes these strange words Jared has for things – is tenting it up.

Jared follows his gaze and chuckles again. "I see. Don't worry, your robe is meant to be soiled. That's the point. Every spurt of seed is proof of your wedding gift to me."

Even with his cock tickling against the fabric and the air stinging his abused titties, Jensen tries to make sense of that. "Gift?"

"Your virginity," Jared says lowly. "I am going to open you up on my cock tonight, love."

Two fat, blunt fingers squeeze at one of his titties when Jared says it, and suddenly Jensen's balls jerk up against his body, his cock shooting desperately against the fabric surrounding it. Wave after wave of pleasure rock through him, snapping his hips up in time to the pulses of pressure Jared gives that nipple.

When he finally collapses, his vision is swimming and his breaths are only ragged gasps.

He blinks and focuses on Jared after a long tick of time, realizing the man shed his breeches. It's impossible for his gaze to not immediately gravitate towards...

His cock.

Jensen's eyes widen, his heart suddenly thudding sharply in his chest. It's enormous, fat and fleshy and a much darker red color than Jensen's ever gets. It curves up proudly, the wet tip kissing Jared's stomach. The thick head is almost purple, it's so engorged with blood, and the sheath has already pulled back to expose it.

His balls match the fat, brazen look of his cock; thick and round, the skin tight and dusted faintly in golden hairs that catch the light, testing between his thick, muscled thighs.

"Don't look so frightened," Jared says, taking it in his hand and giving the length a few strokes. The pull of each sends the skin sliding up over that thick, shiny knob, touching together at the tip, and then parting to slide back down beneath the ridge of it. "This is your duty, remember? You two will be great friends."

Jensen flushes, embarrassed by the way that silly idea soothes him. "Can I... touch it?"

Jared's hips jerk, and Jensen watches a little droplet of white appear at the tip. Jared's slit flares around it, letting it drool out slowly.

"Of course," Jared says, shifting onto his knees and sliding closer to Jensen on the bed.

The fat weight of his cock swings between his legs, bobbing there stiffly. Even in the wake of his own completion, Jensen feels a fresh warmth stealing over him as he stares at it.

"Go on," Jared says, his tone edged with impatience. "Touch my cock. Explore it."

It twitches when Jensen touches it, almost making him recoil – but he doesn't. Some niggle of pride makes him grip it tighter, wanting to prove to Jared that he's capable of doing this.

He slides his hand down the length of it clumsily, lacking the skill Jared showed when he touched himself, but Jared groans in a way that sounds encouraging. Jensen bites his lip as he traces one of the fat veins that poke up under the skin, marveling at how swollen they are. How thick. The entire length of it is hot under his hand, but especially around the tip.

He remembers suddenly that touching his own there feels particularly good and brushes his fingertips down to it, running one experimentally over the glossy sheen around the slit.

"Yeah," Jared says, his hips jerking forward and making his cock stab against Jensen's fingers. "That's a good boy. Rub me there."

Jensen swallows, his pulse thrumming in his ears as he obediently does that again, catching the wetness that's oozing out and smearing it around. When he glances up uncertainly, Jared's face is flushed, his eyes narrowed to slits.

"Like that?" he says, repeating the motion.

"Fuck, yeah," Jared hisses, his teeth flashing in a snarl. A funny flush of arousal and pride creeps under Jensen's skin. "Do you like doing that for me?"

He drops his gaze to Jared's cock again, watching as it seems to pulse and throb under his touch. It does feel good to know he's pleasing him so much, and he can't deny there's something – overwhelming and exciting about touching someone else the way he's only ever touched himself.

"Yeah," he says. "I like making you feel good."

Jared groans and pulls back suddenly, his cock slipping out of Jensen's grasp.

"You're a fast learner," he says, touching the top of Jensen's head in a kind of petting motion. "Such a good boy. You're going to make me come before I have time to play with you."

His hand suddenly slides lower, between the titties he sucked on before and all the way to the last bow holding the robe shut. Jensen shuts his eyes against the relentless surge of embarrassment that comes when he's stripped bare before Jared's gaze, knowing his cock looks small and soft and smudged with his own come.

The bed dips suddenly as Jared moves down between his legs, and Jensen spreads his legs a little wider instinctively. He peeks down, startling when he realizes Jared's leaned in over the mess he made.

"God," Jared sighs, almost to himself. His nostrils flare as though he's scenting him, smelling Jensen's cock and balls and come. "You're so young. Just a little baby, Jensen. My baby bride."

For some reason that doesn't irritated Jensen like it should; it warms him.

"I'm your baby?" he says tentatively.

Jared looks up at him curiously, and then slowly smiles. "Do you like that, Jensen? Not just my boy bride, but my baby boy bride."

Jensen swallows. It's overwhelming to hear those words, a strange but intimate endearment, when his mind is still swinging wildly between these new experiences and sensations.

Jared's tongue darts out to lick gently at Jensen's spent cock, warm flutters on his over-sensitive skin, and then catches his balls in one hand. A fresh wave of adrenaline spikes in Jensen's gut at the feeling – they feel vulnerable in his enormous hand, sensitive against Jared's calloused skin.

Jared rubs them gently.

"My baby boy," he murmurs, sliding a thumb over Jensen's sac. "That's what you are, isn't it?

"Yes," Jensen whispers. The word feels good in his mouth, pulling an echoing throb of pleasure from his balls.

Jared smiles and gives them a tug, as though maybe he felt that flutter. "I think you like that."

Jensen nods, surprised and embarrassed. His cock's starting to thicken again, and with a few more threatening, slightly dangerous-feeling squeeze to his balls, it's stiff enough to rise off his stomach.

"Look at that," Jared says softly. "Getting hard for me again."

Suddenly Jared slides his hands under Jensen's thighs and parts them widely, pushing them up until his knees are pressing into his chest.

"Wh – what—" Jensen gasps.

"Hold your legs there, pet," Jared says. "It's time for you to show me little hole."

Jensen blinks dazedly at the ceiling, horror and embarrassment clashing sharply with the arousal in his veins. Surely Jared doesn't mean...?

But then Jared's big fingers pull his ass open, his thumbs slipping into the crack to pull at either side of his asshole.

"Why do you want to look there?" Jensen manages, his heart throbbing in his chest.

Jared looks up at him and smiles slowly. "This is where I'm going to put my cock, baby boy."

"In my hole?" Jensen echoes, not even fully understanding. "What – you can't—"

"I can," Jared says, suddenly stern. "And I will. This is how we consummate our wedding, Jensen. And this is how we will spend hours every day from now on. I am going to open this little place up and spend my seed in it, and you're going to keep it in there for me."

Jensen gasps when a fingertip touches him there – it's such a sensitive, secret place, and alarm bells ring in his head to warn that no one should ever touch him there – but he has nowhere to escape.

"Please," he whispers, his hole tensing and shying away from the touch. "I'll do anything, just don't – don't touch – there."

"Hush," Jared says, rubbing his fingertip against the pucker of muscle insistently. "This is going to happen. If you fight me it will only hurt."

"You shouldn't – it's dirty," Jensen says desperately. "It's not right."

"Shh," Jared says almost absently, reaching for something on the little table by the bed.

It's a little jar, Jensen realizes confusedly, a little pot of something that Jared dips his fingers into. They're shiny and wet afterwards, making the them slippery when he touches Jensen's hole again.

"Oh," he mutters, his hole clenching again slightly. It's not entirely unpleasant, though, and that makes it all strange. Jared's just tracing a finger around, pressing lightly and then not pressing at all, and it makes a funny tingle begin to stir in Jensen's balls.

Suddenly that fingertip, so teasing and gentle, breeches him – shoving deeply inside his hole. Jensen's muscles pull in instinctively, squeezing around it but unable to stop its steady, deliberate invasion.

"Shh," Jared murmurs, rubbing Jensen's stomach with his other hand. "Breathe, baby boy. Breathe and relax."

Jared's finger doesn't stop until it's all the way inside of him, forcing his muscles to part for it. The balm allows him to slip it out and then back in easily, a smooth glide that soon had Jensen's inner muscles only fluttering in a faint, weak protest.

"See now? This little place was made for this." Again it glides in deeply, never leaving his hole enough to truly relent. "It's a secret only some people know. This little hole of yours is special."

"Special?" Jensen says faintly. It's hard to concentrate on Jared's words when he's getting so ruthlessly plundered, that thick finger exploring him deeply.

"Mm." Jared twists his hand, giving that deep probe a different sensation. "It's a special little boy-pussy. A place for men to fuck. That's what I'm doing right now, Jensen. I'm fucking you on my finger. Doesn't that feel good?"

"Hm," Jensen sighs. It's really not so bad now. It actually feels good, a deep ache that's almost like scratching an itch.

Jared pulls it out of him, chuckling when Jensen's ass instinctively tips up, following it.

"Look at that, sweetheart. Your little pussy doesn't want to let go. Do you want more in there? I can give you more."

Suddenly two fingers shove into him, stretching him even wider. It stings, his whole body tensing at the abrupt feeling of being filled, and Jensen whimpers sharply.

"Jared," he blurts out, his stomach curving in with the way he arches on the bed. "Please—"

"Relax," Jared says, pressing in deeper. "Doesn't that feel good? I know it does. Just open up for me, Jensen. Let me give your little hole what it needs."

Jensen's eyes squeeze shut, but he tries to focus on his breathing – tries to even it out and do what Jared tells him to, forcing his muscles to relax and accept that deep, strange touch.

"There you go," Jared says, pulling his fingers back and then sliding them back in. It feels different with two of them in there, more like he really is getting opened up.

Inexplicably, his cock twitches harder where it's poking up awkwardly between his legs. Jared seems to notice, because he presses a kiss to the inside of his thigh and presses his fingers into him faster, each stroke landing somewhere deep and forbidden and good.

"Oh, God," Jensen huffs, his fingers tightening around the backs of his knees. "Jared, it's—"

"What?" Jared says knowingly. "Tell me."

"It's – I don't know," he moans, his muscles flexing around those fingers. They want so badly to clench shut, but they can't – and he isn't entirely sure if he wants them to, because that place Jared tickles with his fingertips is starting to ache sweetly. "It's... good."

"I know," Jared says, curling his fingers a little. "That's because you need to be touched here, sweetheart. Wet little boy-pussies need to get fucked."

"Fucked," Jensen echoes, that word making a crazy kind of heat spring in his stomach.

Fucked. He's getting fucked. He's letting his huge, scary new husband fuck him open on his fingers, because he's going to put his cock in there.

If he hadn't already spent himself earlier, that would be enough to have him shooting off. The thought burns through him deliciously, horrifyingly, making his head spin.

"I'm going to give you another one now," Jared says. "It'll hurt more, but you just keep trying to relax. You're gonna get my cock soon, I promise."

Jensen's still fighting an irrational throb of heating at that phrasing – promise, like it's a good thing, like it's a treat – when Jared gets another finger in there, spearing him so wide it doesn't seem possible. It does hurt, like Jared said it would, but he knows what he's supposed to do. He sucks a ragged breath through his teeth and tries to relax, tries to focus on letting Jared into him. Letting Jared fuck those fingers wherever he wants to.

When the three of them sink all the way in, they hit that good place so hard he gasps. It's not enough to make him forget about the hurt, but there's no denying the sharp wave of pleasure he gets just then, or that the clench of his hole comes from wanting them just a little deeper.

Jared waits a moment before he easing them back and forth, in and out. His other hand suddenly comes up to cup Jensen's balls, giving him another jolt of pleasure.

"Your little cock is so pretty when it's hard for me," Jared says lowly. "It's so pink and cute, Jensen. You got another load in these little balls?"

"Yeah," he huffs out weakly. The soft way Jared's fondling them is totally different from the deep, hard thrusts of his fingers, and it's got his whole body aching for something he can't even name.

"I'll let you spill it when you're getting fucked," Jared says, leaning in suddenly and licking at the smooth skin of Jensen's balls. "That'll be your reward for taking my cock, all of it, like a good boy."

He wasn't entirely on the edge before Jared said that, but suddenly coming is all he wants to do. The soft, wet caress of Jared's tongue makes him bite at his bottom lip desperately.

"Okay," he pants. "I can – wait. I can be good."

"I know," Jared says fondly, suddenly slipping those fingers out and straightening up. His hole feels open and wet, a completely unfamiliar sensation that leaves him feeling strangely exposed.

Jensen can't watch Jared slick up his cock – he can't, because he's too close now, and the sight of that thick hand jerking it with expert, careless flicks might be enough to send him right over. The single, brief glimpse of it he gets as Jared shifts on his knees, bringing it in close, is almost enough – it's shiny and red and harsh-looking, powerful-looking, and it's going to be inside of him.

"Jared," he says, looking up at him pleadingly. "I'm—"

"Shh, now," Jared says, one hand settling on the back of Jensen's thigh and pushing his legs up against his chest a little tighter. The other is down there between them. "You're my good little boy bride, aren't you? You want to make me feel good?"

"Yes," he whispers.

"Take a deep breath," he commands, and Jensen obeys unthinkingly, sucking it in through his chewed, parted lips.

Jared's cock nudges against him, brushing between his ass cheeks before it suddenly presses right up against – right into – his hole. The head isn't any thicker than those three fingers, but it's much warmer, the sensation entirely different.

"God," Jared groans, shoving it in and then pausing.

There's no way that's all of it, but Jensen can't tell how much is left. His hole is straining and stretched, broken wide open around the fat girth of it. The muscles in his thighs tremble and his cock gives a vicious little twitch at the ache, the sudden rush of adrenaline and fear and awe.

"It's so big," he huffs out.

Jared's fingers tighten on his thigh and he rocks in a little more, easing forward slowly and steadily. It doesn't seem like it's ever going to stop, pushing so much further than his fingers did, until finally, finally, Jensen feels the startling press of Jared's balls up against his ass.

"Yeah, that's it," Jared grinds out, leaning over him. He rolls his hips, making the soft weight of his balls bounce. "You're taking it all, baby boy. Taking all of that big cock in your pussy."

Jensen can't even get out a reply – there aren't any words for what that does to him, for how open and vulnerable and used he feels.

Jared doesn't seem to need an answer, though – he just pulls his cock out a little, like he did with his fingers, and then shoves it back it. Jensen gasps when the head of it spears into that sensitive place inside of him, his toes suddenly curling.

"That's – there," he babbles uselessly.

"Do you like that?" Jared says, almost wonderingly. He snaps his hips again, stabbing deeply. "Tell me."

"Yes," Jensen says, his voice coming out in a broken cry. "Right there."

Jared starts to move steadily, his cock finding a rhythm sharper and harder than his fingers, banging the thick head of it right up into him. There's a glimmer of sweat over his face and shoulders and chest, and Jensen can't help letting go of his leg so he can touch a hand to Jared's skin. It looks small and pale there, and he can feel the flex of muscle there every time Jared shoves into him.

"Told you," Jared says, his voice darker and rougher than Jensen's heard it. His other hand replaces the one Jensen moved, so he's pinning both of Jensen's knees against his chest. "Told you this little pussy needed to get fucked."

The words hit him like physical touches, throbbing in his cock and balls and his used little – titties. It's so dirty and wrong and overwhelming, his ass getting pushed into and played with like this, and how good it feels in spite of the sore, relentless ache.

"I'm – I – need—" He turns his face on the pillow, his fingers sliding over the bulge of muscle in Jared's chest. He's almost panting too hard to get the words out, each meaty smack of Jared's balls on his ass and every plunge of his cock leaving him breathless – like he's so filled up there's not any room left for him for air. "Can – ah – can I come – please?"

Jared groans again, slamming into him with a particularly rough fuck.

"Yeah, you can come, you good little boy," he says. He leans in over Jensen's curled-up body more, until his deep, hard breaths touch Jensen's face and his strokes are grinding and deep. "Go ahead and come on my cock."

Jensen's hand scrabbles down, pulling at himself in needy little tugs that are slickened by Jared's sweat and the last load he pulsed out. It only takes five strokes before he loses another, shooting all over their stomachs. Each spurt of come makes his hole tighten around Jared's cock, his whole body throbbing in rhythmic pulls until it feels like all the strength and tension in him burns away completely.

"Fuck," Jared huffs. "You looks so good like that – covered in your boy come, taking my cock. So good. I'm gonna keep you like this all the time – my little boy bride."

Jensen moans, squeezing one last burst of come from his cock. The force of it leaves him weak and pliable, his ass relaxing and taking each of Jared's thrusts even easier.

"That was good," he pants, dazed surprise winning out over the embarrassment that's threatening to creep back in.

"God," Jared says, his deep, unforgiving strokes picking up speed. Jensen's balls throb a little, his softening dick giving a twitch at how good it still is, feeling the head of Jared's cock so far up inside of him. "I'm gonna fill your little boy-pussy up, Jensen. Gonna fill it with my seed, make you mine – just mine—"

Jensen knows the instant it happens; Jared's muscles bulge and tense, flexing under his skin as he pushes into him, managing to get even deeper with his strokes. The slick feeling of his hole increases, each thrust sounding wetter and sloppier, and it suddenly hits him that Jared really has come there – come inside of him, filling him with a load that's undoubtedly huge.

"God," he breathes, his ass pulling in tightly at the idea.

Jared groans again, rocking against him until the worst of it seems to pass and his strokes trail off slowly. When he finally stops, buried in to the hilt, he leans his temple against the inside of Jensen's knee.

"Did you enjoy that?" he says, his massive chest still moving with the force of his breaths.

It's been long enough since he came that Jensen blushes, fiercely aware of the reality of what they just did. He still wants to be good, though – wants to be pleasing to his husband – so he forces himself to blurt out the truth.

"Yes. It – it hurt at first, but it felt good."

Jared smiles lazily, his hips rolling in another little thrust. "It won't hurt much after tonight. You're not a virgin anymore, sweetheart. Your pussy's been opened up, and that's how we're going to keep it."

Jensen's face warms more at the idea, but somewhere under the embarrassment there's a little flicker of anticipation, of excitement.

"I'm glad you chose me. To be your bride," he says shyly. "I want to be a good wife for you."

"Oh, trust me, you will," Jared says. "I can already tell."
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