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Porn. As usual.

FIRST OF ALL, valiant wrote the most amazing Office fic. Sometimes Co-Workers Use It For Sex. It's smutty, porny, adorable Jim/Pam, and I love it more than life. Seriously, read it. The character voices are insanely spot-on, and it's CREAMPIE PORN. Jesus.

In the spirit of lobbing smut fic out there... have some more J2! This has been sitting in my WiP folder way too long.

New Rules. Jensen/Jared, NC-17, 2,492 words. Total PWP, with D/s elements and twice the blowjobbery of leading brands.

Sometimes Jensen does push-ups in his trailer.

It's not really a health thing - more of a habit, something to wake him up when his senses feel dulled by the endless takes, reciting the same piece of dialogue twenty times in a row. Everything quits sounding like words, quits having a point, and that's when he tilts his head at Jared and takes off for the only place on set he can shut a door and be pretty sure it'll stay shut.

He counts himself off as he goes, palms flat on the anonymous beige carpeting.

By the time Jared gets there, he's in the triple digits and flushed over with warmth. He doesn't have to look up from the floor to know it's him; there's only one person who comes in like that, hesitating at the threshold and then ambling in, letting the door slam absently behind him.

"You're late."

"Sorry, man." He pushes up the sleeves of his hoodie. "Lisa from make-up got me, and - "

"Sure," Jensen says, breaths tight. Sweat's pooled between his shoulder blades, and he can feel it trickle down the dip of his spine when he stands up. His shirt sticks to him, damp and heavy, and Jared sucks in this little breath when he strips it off, swipes it across his forehead.

"Guess we'll have to cut this short," he says, tossing it across the trailer and collapsing back on the couch. The fabric feels sticky on his skin as he unbuttons his jeans. He's been half-hard for long minutes now, the ache in his shoulders not enough to distract him from this - what he was going to do, how this was going to play out. Jared's still standing by the door, broad hands resting on his hips, and Jensen pats his knee like he's beckoning a cat.

Jared doesn't flush when he settles between his legs, knees pressing down into the flat, beige carpeting. He tucks his tongue into the corner of his mouth, all thoughtful concentration as he reaches in through the slit in Jensen's boxers and pulls his cock out, squeezing at the base.

"Yeah," Jensen whispers, voice raspy and shot through; just like that, he's so hard the veins are sticking up. It gives a nasty little throb in Jared's fist, red and harsh-looking between his tanned fingers.

He licks his lips like he's nervous, but there's nothing hesitant about the way he swallows it down - hot and fast, mouth stretching pinkly.

Jensen breathes out, hard and slow, fingers tangling in his messy curls. Jared's got a wider mouth than anyone else who's done this to him, because Jared's just like that - bigger, thicker, stronger. He opens around him, all hot and wet, like it's the easiest thing in the world. Jensen knows it's not; even Joanna used to bitch about getting a sore jaw, and it's not like she was some timid virgin.

"That's my boy," Jensen breathes, swiping his thumb down against his smooth forehead.

Jared's done this a thousand times now, and he knows what Jensen likes - knows just how to pull his lips in, just how to suck and slide and hit that spot right below the knob. Jensen watches him through heavy-lidded eyes, torn between wanting to study the way his mouth works and wanting to lose himself in it.

Jared meets his eyes as he pulls up, lips ruddy as they pull over the circumcision scar and close around the neck. His tongue taps wetly against the slit, only stopping when Jensen's hips jerk up and force it deeper.

"Fuck," he breathes, and the corners of Jared's mouth lift up.

He pulls off abruptly, and Jensen's cock slaps against his abdomen with a wet smack. The cool air of the room stings, such an abrupt change that he leans his head back and groans, low and gravelly. He starts to say something - he doesn't even know what, something - but then Jared is back, lips running down the side. He can feel the smooth softness of Jared's cheek, and then his tongue is moving - licking in long, wet laps, so hard and deliberate that he can feel the taste buds.

"Yeah, you know what you want," he hisses, cheeks warm and voice raspy. He grips the back of Jared's neck with a hot palm, and his mouth slides slowly, a fat rivulet of spit dribbling down and landing on Jensen's balls. He pushes him lower then, breaths going ragged as Jared's teeth graze against the spine of his cock. "Suck on my nuts," he grates.

He can feel more than see Jared's cheeks flush. He jacks him a spitty slide, the muscles in his forearm tensing and flexing with the motion, as his tongue edges down and brushes over his sac.

"That's it," Jensen huffs. "That's it, baby. Open that movie star mouth for me."

Jared whimpers at that, tongue flickering gently as he carefully pulls one into the hollow of his lips. It's sticky-hot, all gentle and dedicated, and it makes Jensen's head swim with how good it is. Jared's mouth is soft and yielding, and he doesn't miss a beat as he mouths over the other one, pushing and pull at it so sweetly that Jensen's prick throbs.

He reaches down blindly to grasp his hand over Jared's and give his cock a couple of rough pulls, the slimy-wet trails of spit and precome making it an easy, easy glide.

"Jesus," he groans, and Jared pulls back with something like a smirk, wiping his chin with the back of his hand.

"You're so easy."

Jensen slides his other hand down from Jared's hair and brushes his knuckles across his cheek. It's definitely flushed now, a reddish-pink that more or less matches his lips. Slowly, deliberately, Jensen smears the tip of his cock against one cheek, the bridge of his nose, the pout of his mouth. Wet little smears glisten after it.

"You love that, don't you?" It's stupid to say, because he's the one who really loves it - his cock, so fat-looking in their hands, rubbing over the features he spends way too many hours a day staring at. Jared nods, though, eyes trained on his face, and Jensen smacks the tip against his bottom lip. "Just imagine what Sandy'd say, if she could see you like this."

Jared's eyes finally go wide, like he wasn't expecting that one. "Jeez - dude, don't - "

Jensen's cock pulses out another gush of precome just from that look, and he breaks into a grin. Nice and toothy. "Nah, I think I will. She's a pretty hot piece of ass. Bet she doesn't know her boyfriend's a bigger cockslut than she is."

Jared's eyes squeeze shut, but Jensen doesn't miss it when his hand slides between his own legs, gripping at the hard-on that's visible even from that angle.

"You're such an asshole," he mutters, voice thick with spit and lust.

Jensen guides the head of his cock past his lips, just enough that Jared closes his mouth around his again - and then jerks it back, breaking the seal of his lips with a faint pop.

"She's got a little crush on me, don't you think?" Jensen licks his lips and pushes in again, gripping at Jared's bangs and shutting his eyes. "Bet she doesn't even know she's tasted my cock on you more fuckin' times than I can count."

Jared makes a small, needy sound; he's switched gears from indignant to whore so fast that Jensen goes a little hazy.

"That's it," he rasps, and Jared's fingers curl against his hip, rubbing at the jut of bone. His hands are huge - obscenely, impossibly huge, and it looks red-knuckled and boyish there.

Impulsively, already half-dumb with how into this he is, Jensen grabs the sides of Jared's face with both hands and eases up to his feet. Jared eases back on his haunches like he was anticipating it, using that grip to steady him, to pull him in more.

"Fuck - yeah," Jensen gasps, hitching on his toes and driving in deep. He can feel the head hit that soft, wet pit in the back of Jared's throat, his nose grinding against his pubes. This part always surprises him, how far he can push it, how far Jared will go. "Let me see you suck it down. You're drooling for it, Padalecki. Making those nice juicy sounds."

He can't - couldn't ever - talk like this to anyone else, and the knowledge of that burns in his chest.

Jared's mouth pulls around him in a tight, wet slurp, and Jensen lets go of him abruptly, letting him pull back. He does it in a slow roll, Jensen's red cock pulling past his lips inch by slobbery inch. He gives him a hot little look as he pulls all the way off, a strand of spitty precome connecting the tip with his mouth.

"Like that?" he asks, and the strand snaps, leaving the corner of his mouth glistening opaque white. A smile's starting to creep across his face.

"Yeah," Jensen pants, reaching out and gripping his jaw. His thumb catches in the dip of his pillowy bottom lip, and Jared just watches him as he drags it down, smearing spit. "That's a good look for you."

Jared's mouth starts to close around his thumb, and he turns his face a little when Jensen pulls it away, following the movement.

"Still think you're straight?" Jensen asks, and his tone would be conversational if he wasn't breathing so hard.

Jared curls his upper lip and tilts his head thoughtfully. "I don't know. Does it count as guy when the guy's as pretty as you?"

"I think it counts as gay if you're choking on cock." Jensen slaps his prick against his cheek. Jared's face is flushed and warm against the head, the sticky-wet contact making a sharp little noise in the stillness of the trailer.

His tongue darts to the corner of his mouth, catching the nasty glob of wetness there. Jensen can see it flash white against his tongue, obvious and obscene. His eyes are flinty, but the side of his mouth keeps pulling up in the ghost of a smirk, making one dimple flicker. "You want me to beg?" he says softly. "That make you feel all tough?" He drags his teeth over his fat bottom lip, and then practically purrs, "Fuck my mouth."

Jensen's eyes fall shut again for a second, and he hates the way he gives his prick an impulsive little jerk. It's so wet in his fist - shiny between his tan fingers - and he could probably just jerk himself off thinking about that. Yeah, it makes him feel tough. It makes him feel like he's going to blow his load, right then and there.

He juts his jaw out, though, with patient deliberation, and finally sighs, "Not too convincing there, Jare-bear. Maybe we need to send you back to summer acting camp."

The wry humor drops out of Jared's face abruptly, and Jensen can see the change that settles over him, the one that makes him go from zero to actor in five seconds flat. "I want you to fuck my mouth," he snarls, and Jensen's toes curl in his boots.

"If only the boys back in Texas could see you now," he huffs, dragging his hand down to cup the side of Jared's face. His thumb presses against the joint of his jaw, and Jared opens up obediently, dropping his eyes shut as Jensen pushes his way right in. "What a faggot you are. What a - champion cock sucker."

Jared makes this little noise, like he's hungry for it, and Jensen fists his hands in tufts of that floppy brown hair. "Yeah," he hisses, hips jerking roughly. "I love that. Love watchin' you get that mouth fucked."

Jared's eyelashes are twin fans of brown, his cheeks hollowed as he pulls up. The look of devotion and concentration is palpable, down to the little dip of darkness between his eyebrows.

He can feel it hit - slow at first, just a tensing in his balls, and then this steady thrum of pressure. Jared's tongue works against the underside in these slow little rubs, and there's no way he can last much longer. He could come in his mouth, make him swallow it, but he'd rather lose it where it counts.

He doesn't even stop and think about it, just uses his grip to push Jared off.

"I'm gonna come," he breathes. "I'm gonna blow this load right in your face, dude."

Jared tilts his head back, his bangs heavy with sweat, and it's just seeing that - just knowing how completely used he looks, knowing that when he stumbles out the door in a minute he's going to be reeking of jizz, too - that's what pushes him over the edge. Jensen comes in spattering ropes, his own hand jerking it out of him, fingers a tight ring of heat. Spunk lands indiscriminately on Jared's face, smacking against his cheekbone, his nose, his chin.

He runs his tongue along his upper lip as it drips down, the corners of his mouth pulling up, and the last burst catches in the dip of a dimple.

Jensen sways there for a second, and when he opens his eyes, Jared's up on his feet, towering over him and leaning in. His hands are huge on either side of Jensen's face, hot and demanding, and Jensen leans up into the kiss. Jared's lips are fresh-fucked and swollen; he can taste the musk of cock first, and then their tongues knock together - Jared's slipping in deep and smearing a wad of his own spunk right into his mouth.

There's something like a grin on his face when he pulls back, leaving Jensen with jizz and spit running down his chin. "You're gonna pay for that one," he says, touching his jaw. "Jesus Christ, dude."

Jensen shoves him off, wipes at his chin with the heel of his hand. "Yeah?"

"Yeah. I'm diggin' the belt out for you, Jenny."

"Texas buckle an' all?" Jensen sprawls back on the couch.

"Fuck, yes."

He opens one eye and smirks. "You know where to find me."


notes: thanks to valiant for being a huge sport and beta reading this twice. TWICE. jeez!
Tags: fic, j squared, lameness amnesty, recs
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