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He's a rebel.

Jonas stuff is kind of hit or miss for me at the moment, but I'm loving this photoshoot of Joe and Demi. ADORABLE. It makes me happy on a lot of levels -- it's nice to see a Jonas doing this kind of thing without his brothers (and thus actually maybe establishing himself as a celebrity in his own right), Demi looks super cute, and the concept itself is just so sweet and summery. I'm loving the way their coloring works together, too. They look like Jersey Shore circa 1965.

As for the general response to the interview, I'm just going to say it: I don't understand it when adults scrutinize and mock teenage relationships. It's become increasingly common as the media shifts focus to this younger group of celebrities, but I find it really gross. She's seventeen! Having a crush on your male heartthrob best friend at that age is not some kind of personality flaw. If anything, I think she should be applauded for being ballsy enough to make the first move on a guy she liked. It sucks that they broke up so quickly, but it's not like there was A) cheating, B) scandal, or C) kids involved, so it's not really worth analyzing.


On a totally different note, I've become kind of obsessed with 30 Rock lately, thanks to a rewatch of the entire series. For me it's always been one of those shows that's impossible to get fannish about, because it's in that gray area of TV comedy. It lacks the emotional sincerity peppered throughout The Office, but there are character developments and aspects that keep it more grounded than, say, Arrested Development. But for some reason this time around I've been fascinated by the idea of Jack/Liz. Their relationship is utterly non-sexual, yet completely co-dependent and mutually obsessive. I ship it more like a slash pairing -- I know it's NEVER going to happen on-screen, and they routinely make jokes about how there's zero sexual tension there -- but I can't help loving it. I really just want unromantic D/s porn that plays into their mentor/student relationship. Like, "Bend over the desk, Lemon," followed by spankings while Liz recites the tenets of Six Sigma business philosophy.

Alas, that's the one fandom where there's ABSOLUTELY NO PORN TO BE FOUND. Why can't the world just cater to my desires?
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