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You're fucking my wolf, bitch.

So blindfold_spn is, alas, over until next time, which means a claiming post is in order. I managed to match my output from last year, which is kind of astonishing! It was fun to play with some concepts I never have (I WROTE DEAN/CASTIEL!), and dive into some total bizarre rarepair randomness (hi, Ben/Claire), but ultimately this round was all about Jo for me.

And the Truth Shall Set You Free
      Sam/Dean, 2,300 words. Sam gets hit with a truth spell and Dean acts out his fantasies.

Parting Shots
      John/Jo, 4,000 words. Flirty, teenage Jo beats John at pool, so he fucks her on the pool table.

Heaven Won't Wait
      Dean/Castiel, 2,300 words. Dean and Castiel get locked in a church.

The Roles Destiny Has Chosen
      Ben/Claire, 2,600 words. Adult Claire convinces Ben to roleplay as his father.

Just Can't Stay Away
      Dean/Jo, 1,900 words. Established relationship, they both get off on him creaming her.

Three of a Kind
      Dean/Jo/Sam, 1,400 words. Dean goes down on Jo in a graveyard while Sam watches.

YEP, three whole smutty Jo ficlets. These colors don't bleed.

Thanks to everyone who prompted these! I hope the fills were to your liking. I had a lot of fun writing all of them, and even more fun reading the other awesome fics over there. I'm still in the process of working through all the ones I've bookmarked, but it's nice to know there's such a great supply to get us through till next time.
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