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Oh, how you pluck at my heartstrings.

I haven't posted a real entry in a long time, which is weird, because I've been more fannish in the last few months than I have been in aaaages. I have blown entire afternoons reading epic RPS AUs loosely based on Regency romance novels, which really says it all.

Unfortunately I've been going through the experience of falling back in love with an old fandom rather than diving into a new one, and it's been so long for me that everything is... very different. It's kind of like moving back to your hometown and being like, "WHAT, they tore that place down? Did we really need another strip mall? Oh, but that's nice, they finally got a Nordstrom's." IDK, I have been stumbling around and trying to get my bearings, but it's harder than I would have thought. The beginning of a season always seems to be a strange transitional time for a TV fandom, because a lot of people drift away and a lot of new people get interested, so I'm just kind of sloshing around on the high seas and trying to find people to talk to and stuff to read. Also trying to not cry when people I like say they're leaving for good. LIFE IS HARD.



Canon can choose to agree with me or not, but if they tell me that S6 Sam is what this character looks like after some water-boarding, I will handwave away this season's characterization like nobody's business. I was totally down with the idea that he was suffering emotional trauma, or was hardened from his time in Hell, but this episode is the dealbreaker. It's not Sam in there, or I will eat my very fine hat.

It's not just the fact that he used Dean for his own purposes, but that he would do it when the odds of pulling off that cure were so slim. How realistic was it that he'd have been able to stop a newly-turned hunter/vampire from feeding, AND get blood from the who-knows-how-old vampire that turned him? The far, far more likely result was that Dean would have gone full-vamp and killed himself if Sam wouldn't do it, or that he would have been killed in the vampire nest once they realized what he was doing. So Sam was totally willing to use Dean as an expendable pawn on the slight chance he might get some intel? That's not evil, that's STUPID.

IDK, I get that some people (including plenty of Samgirls) really like the idea of Sam just losing his moral compass and going darkside, but at this point I've dealt with Sam's moral ambiguity soooo many times that I will Godzilla stomp all over Tokyo if I have to see it again. It doesn't matter if we've never ACTUALLY seen Sam be ~evil before; the writers made it way too easy to side with Dean during the whole Lilith mess, and failed to highlight the fact that Sam didn't know he was starting the apocalypse afterwards. Dean spent most of S5 treating Sam like Sam had gone evil, and for the most part Sam seemed to agree, so we've really already been there and done that.

I DO see the opportunity here for something new and interesting -- if Sam's soul is in hock or he's sharing a brain with Lucifer/Michael/Adam/Voldemort, the bigger plot of the season could be an inversion of S3, ala "Dean must save Sam from the big baddie before it's too late!" Which is a far, far cry from "Dean must save Sam FROM HIMSELF, yet again, because that kid just never learns, does he?" I'm crossing my fingers that they go with the former, although in reality there's nothing this show could do that would make me actually stop watching it. I generally trust Sera Gamble to treat Sam's character right (and to write horrible romance novel sex scenes, but not much else), so I'm not as worried as I could be. I'm just nervous.

As for the rest of the episode... I chuckled at parts of it, and others had me scratching my head. I mean, I don't really... get it...? Isn't the punchline to all of that "OMG, I'm a dumbass teenager who thinks vampires are sexy!" set-up supposed to be that in the SPN world, vampires are actually violent and animalistic and not sexy at all? So why did Dean become a smoldering, sexy Edward Cullen kind of vampire when he was turned? I kept waiting for him to be more like Gordon in Fresh Blood (or Lenore when Gordon sliced open Sam's arm after torturing her), but... nope. It felt like the writers were simultaneously thumbing their noses at the pop culture portrayal of vampires while also embracing it whole-heartedly.

Whatevs, the thing I will choose to remember about this episode is that Dean listened to Sam's heartbeat and told him he smelled like a cheeseburger. True love.
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