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It's the name of the game.

I keep meaning to make an actual post, and for some reason I never get around to doing it. I actually have a whole folder of half-written ones that I abandoned as soon as I saw a shiny object. Whyyyy is it so hard to get back into posting regularly once you get out of the habit?

Not that I have a lot of awesome stuff to post about. Life has been pretty... slkhgsdbg lately. It's not particularly bad, just a lot of random stressful crap I don't want to deal with. I've been gearing up for a big move because I'm transferring to a new college, and that is pretty stressful in and of itself, but yesterday I found out that my financial aid package is ALLLLLLL KINDS of messed up. They are basically flipping a quarter in my direction and telling me to not spend it all in one place SO. Now I don't even know if I'm going to move, because I might not be able to start classes when I get there. Awesome! I have been through so many insane ups and downs in regards to my life plans that I'm not even really freaking out about this one, it's just pretty annoying to slam the brakes at this late date. Especially since it's the holiday season! >:[ Come on, universe.

I have a tendency to want to make things and organize things when my personal life is hectic, so I've been playing around on Tumblr a lot lately. I don't think I've ever mentioned that I have one, but it's here. Let me know if you have one, too! At this point I'm mostly just following people whose graphics I've stumbled across and liked. I basically just use mine as a place to toss picspams and whatnot... I am way too comfortable with LJ to use anything else full-time, but it's a fun side-note kind of thing.

In addition to photoshopping, I've been watching a lot of TV lately. (Sweet, sweet escapism.) I haven't had anything to marathon in long time, but valiant convinced me to start watching Dark Angel the other day and I am loving it. I pretty much started watching it because I knew Jensen Ackles would show up at some point, but after a few episodes I was so hooked that his involvement just seems like an added bonus. It gives me major Firefly vibes -- I think it's the combination of a spunky ensemble cast and a cyberpunk-y "seedy underworld in a digital age" universe. I'm also a sucker for workplace comedy juxtaposed with serious business covert ops (ala Chuck, which would be nothing without the Buy More crew). Anyway, it's been nice to have something new to mentally chew on/wallow around in! I will probably do a more detailed post with my thoughts once I finish the series.

Happy early Thanksgiving, by the way! I cannot even believe it's already here again. Where did 2010 go?
Tags: my so-called real life, television, working for the man(droid)
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