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Sooo I saw Inception for the first time last night. (I was, in fact, the last person in North America to see it, thank you for asking.) I'm super curious about the fandom, but it's so huge I don't even know where to start! D: Does anyone have recs? I'd be down to read just about anything.

In other news, I need to start Christmas shopping STAT. Preferably yesterday. Ughhhh. Every year I swear I will get it out of the way early, and every year I end up doing a mad dash to the mall on Christmas Eve. Why so stressful, holiday season?

Some stuff I've been enjoying lately:
- insmallpackages. If you haven't checked this out, you definitely should! The wish-making portion is over, but anyone can browse the posted wishes and fill them. Multiple people can fill the same wish, so it's pretty easy to find something that catches your eye, and you can go back and fill more throughout the month. I didn't participate in the wishing, but I love having the chance to brighten someone's day with a little fannish gift. There are a lot of random, smaller fandoms and pairings scattered through there, too. (Someone requested a Veronica Mars/Deputy Leo ficlet! Be still my heart!)

- This love meme! I'm still finding new threads and leaving comments for people. I'm not the most communicative person in fandom, so it's nice to have the opportunity to let people know how much I appreciate them.

- Making Google Translator Beat-Box. (Hit "listen".) This can be filed under "people having way too much time on their hands", but ahahaha, it's pretty amazing.

- verymarykate.com. IDEK how I only just discovered this, but I watched all of them last night and lollerskated all over the place.

- Fake Criterions, a tumblr devoted to making fake Criterion Collection covers for movies that will never, ever be part of the Criterion Collection. I think my favorite is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, but The Adventures of Pluto Nash is definitely a home-run.

NEW SPN TONIGHT! I am terrified.
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