Polly Plummer (nutkin) wrote,
Polly Plummer

Supernatural 6x10

Dean: "I was going to kill her. Of course, I'd have given you an hour with her first."

I cut this show a lot of slack, but that seriously made me flinch. I don't care if it was a joke, or that Meg is a demon (especially since they went out of their way to mention that her body is not actually her), or that she seemed to like it when Castiel kissed her; Dean was implying that he would let Castiel initiate sexual contact with someone who was trapped and waiting to be murdered. That is gross. Gross on the same level as, "On a good day, you get to kill a whore!" ...which raises the question of why Dean always saves this crap for his conversations with Castiel.

They seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of rape humor this season, and I don't get the motivation. Thematically it would have made more sense last season, when they were exploring issues of consent and violation and how physical bodies relate to emotional and mental well-being (which is how people seem to excuse the "kill a whore" comment; Dean saw himself as a whore because he was planning to give himself over to Michael). But rape showers? Seriously? That's in such poor taste. And I don't even have words for the implied genital mutilation in the torture scene, or the way Meg laughed it off and said her vessel had probably been through worse because she was an aspiring actress. lkdshgkjsdgh SO GROCE.

I also don't understand why they keep bringing Meg back if they're going to half-ass the character's history. It was nice of Dean to remember that Meg was directly responsible for Jo and Ellen's deaths, but she also SLIT THE THROATS of Pastor Jim and Caleb, who were supposedly like uncles to Sam and Dean. She is the longest-running bad guy on the show, and they (and Castiel) let her nab an angel sword? Come on!

There were some things about this episode I enjoyed, but I had to squint pretty hard to see past the things that bothered me. I'm still rooting for you, season six. Get your shit together.
Tags: spn: episode reaction
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