Polly Plummer (nutkin) wrote,
Polly Plummer

It's more than ridonkulous. It's ridankulous!

I have drifted out of touch during the last month or so, but I'm determined to drift back in touch... because it's blindfold_spn season!

Man, I was basically looking forward to Blindfold more than Christmas this year. It's a truly magical time in SPN fandom, something akin to a bacchic frenzy. A chance to be super-productive and churn things out at a rapid pace because no one has to know you wrote any of it! A chance to explore that nasty kink you stumbled across in another kink meme and were shocked to find you enjoyed! A chance to whisper in a stranger's ear, "Danneel/Jim Beaver, dub-con, blackmail..." and see what happens next!

Unfortunately for me, Blindfold has fallen smack-dab in the middle of a bunch of stressful RL crap. Some family members are staying with me for a couple of months while looking for work (mm, I love how Grapes of Wrath life has become; thank you, economy!), and it's thrown me out of my usual routines. You don't think that sort of thing will be a big deal until it happens, and suddenly there are a bunch of people in your house who don't get you, the way you do things, or why you might not be cool with the way they do things. My major issue so far has been the television -- I have a big one, which I use a few times a week to watch a movie or a TV show on DVD... and lately it has been on at least five hours a day while my nephew (a first-grader) watches cartoons or plays video games. My once peaceful abode is now noisy all the time, the walls practically shaking with wacky sound effects, which makes it virtually impossible to get in the creative zone. And I'm currently taking online classes, so when everyone goes to the library or park or whatever, I have to use that couple of hours of quiet time to do schoolwork. Life is so hard!

Anyway. I haven't written anything since before Christmas, so I'm not setting my Blindfold sights too high, but I do hope to fill at least one or two prompts. My secret hope is that if I cough one up, I'll magically get caught up in the aforementioned bacchic frenzy of it all and be able to hit a porn-writing stride. WE'LL SEE. Are there any prompts you guys are itching to see filled? That future!Castiel/The Dude one is pretty amazing...
Tags: my so-called real life, spn: fandom
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